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Safeguarding Notice

St Edwards Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people, and expects the whole school community to share this commitment. For more information please click here to read our Safeguarding Policy.

You must accept our Safeguarding Policy to continue to browse our website.


School Staff

Dr A Petrie

Deputy Head
Miss  N Smith


Maple class
Mrs S Gilbertson 

Elm Class
Miss A Sayers

Unit 2

3 Rowan
Miss L Baddley

3 Poplar
Miss R Amesbury

4 Hazel
Miss J Shields

4 Sycamore
 Mrs J Lee

Speech and Language Therapist
Mrs N Helme

Pastoral  Mentor
Mrs N Taylor


Unit 1

1 Ash
Mrs E Coelho-Akcora 

1 Beech
Mrs T Duffiled - Assistant Head - Assessment

2 Birch
Mrs H Massey/ Mrs N Riaz

2 Linden
Miss L Steedman - Lead Practioner

Unit 3

5 Juniper
Mr A Farrall

5 Hawthorn
Mr B Gilloway

6 Oak

Mrs M Leak - Assistant Head - Inclusion/ Mrs L Cuschieri 

6 Willow
Mrs V Lee

School Business Manager

Mrs D Frost

School Administrator

Mrs K Fernandes

Teaching Assistants

Mrs L Johnson
Mrs A Moore
Miss D Senior
Mrs R Bari
Miss C Humphreys
Mrs C McDermott
Miss A Ho
Mr N Hulme
Miss E McKnight


Site Manager

Mr D Humphries

Teaching Assistants - Unit 2 and Unit 3

Mrs M Harvey
Mrs B Burtenshaw
Miss C Jones
Mrs C Walton
Miss A Jones
Miss U Bridge
Miss S Mills
Mrs R Durrant
Mrs H Miller
Mrs N Lowe
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